Quick and Simple - I am quite active and I think I am lazy also.
 All carbs raise blood sugar so I want to pick diabetic bites which are very low carb. The truth is , the lower the better. In addition, I like low carb balanced with high protein as this is not as likely to elevate blood sugar.
 Some carbs, like those seen in some veggies and fruits, take more to break down. These kinds of carbs do not raise blood sugar as much.
 I do not need empty calories. As a diabetic, I would like every calorie to count and I need great nutrients from natural sources within my body.
Filling - I can not focus as well if my belly is speaking and I do not want to nosh all the time. I need the bite to keep the tummy growls away until another mealtime.
Less Processed - An growing amount of studies demonstrate that processed food brings on diabetes and makes it worse.
Delicious - In the end, it's a bite! Diabetic bites do not need to be dreary and uninteresting. They are sometimes tasty also.
While there are a lot of great choices, these are my personal top 5 picks that match all the standards above making them completely perfect diabetic bites:

 Overall, that is my really favourite diabetic bite. I love how these do not need to be refrigerated. You may also keep a can of these at work or in the automobile.
 For those who have a sweet tooth, it is possible to add a bit of lower carb fresh fruit like blueberries. It is also possible to add herbs, nuts, olives, and peppers. I want to add fresh dill.
 Radishes, cucumbers, celery, red peppers, yellow peppers, and green peppers are excellent low carb alternatives. Occasionally I crave raw veggies and I make an effort to keep them on hand in the refrigerator for when this occurs. Today it's easy to locate low carb dressings at the shop but when you look around the web, you'll locate many homemade recipes for low carb high protein dressing which continues for at least a week and tastes wonderful.
 I generally keep hard boiled eggs available in the refrigerator. I enjoy more than a with only a little salt and pepper or I devil them upwards.
 This is not hard to get these days in various natural flavors and is an extremely suitable diabetic bite. Make sure you decide one with effective cultures to help the good bacteria win out over the bad bacteria in the body.


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