Choose for example experienced performer, musical musician, and the Philippines' first UNICEF ambassador Gary Valenciano or more popularly called Gary V.

Folks understand him as being the greatest singer-dancer on stage.

 Then, it was likely dreamlike to visualize the Gary V. as having diabetes.

Among the symptoms of diabetes is the regular feeling of sluggishness of the body. If the blood sugar level is excessive, energy is lost. Essentially, fluctuating blood sugar can cause tiredness. And because diabetes has other related hazards like high blood pressure, exhaustion can increase from there also.

So one can only picture how an dynamic performer like Gary V. has the ability to make do with a state which is with him for a life. All of us wonder how one does it.

To bring the link nearer, so to speak, a family friend was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic after several years of eating cake and juice for breakfast regular at a neighborhood bakeshop. But I myself was surprised to learn that the family friend's state was such. In my experience, the family friend is a successful single mother to twin boys, purchases herself high-priced watches, and attempts on the most recent fads, only going on with her youthful life happily.

What's their secret? Just how can boys appear to only go on with their day-to-day routine?

 Diabetes can be a life sentence, but it's a life sentence which can be overpowered.

It's important for diabetics to understand they still have control over their life. Diabetes may be incurable but it's one thing that will not eat up one's life.

Control over one's food consumption. Control over negative lifestyles like physical inactivity, insufficient rest, and dangerous habits like smoking and so on.


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